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All about afridigit

Afridigit is an innovative ICT Hub. We specialize in web app development, mobile apps, training on computer software programming and Internet business solutions. We do engage on boot-camp computer literacy training covering various communities in rural secondary schools. Our crowd funding community project tells more about our work. Our works are well...........

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Our Services

It’s pleasant to be in the home of afridigit!

Welcome to afridigit, the place you can get your best web app, knowledge of web development and bloging

Our Programs

Development of Web app/software

Get your web app/software developed by Afridigit, mobile responsive, desktop responsive and compatible with all devices.

Start building your web app/software with us by either filling the below form and printing out the invoice or downloading a hard copy of the form using the link on top of the form by.......

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P.C.U (Professional computer users) i.e Programming

Afridigit offers practical training for below courses:

? Website Design
Content management system (CMS) such as:
Wordpress, mobirise template and downloaded templates.

? Computer web programming
. Use of adobe dream weaver or any other IDE in programming
. HTML 5(Hyper-text mark-up language)
. CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheet)
. bootstrap
. javascript (jquery, angula, vue.js, node.js)
. PHP (Hyper-text Pre-processor) using; ........

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BCU (basic computer users)

Afridigit offers practical training for the below courses:

. Windows operating system
. MS word document
. MS excel sheet
. MS access database
. MS power point
. Graphic designs
. Sound sequencing
. Surfing the net

Make use of the opportunity to get basic computer knowledge with us today by either filling the below form and printing........

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IBS (internet business solutions)

Acquire internet business solution skills in Afridigit such as:

. Blogging
. Content & information marketing
. Social media advertising & marketing
. Domain name and hosting
. Personalize email set-up and management
. Affiliate marketing
. M to M internet businesses

Grow your businesses online with us today by either filling the below form and printing out........

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Our Team

These are the afridigit stafs that will create and update your awesome web app and softwares, give you the best knowledge of both basic and professional computing

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