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Afridigit is an innovative ICT Hub. We specialize in web app development, mobile apps, training on computer software programming and Internet business solutions. We do engage on boot-camp computer literacy training covering various communities in rural secondary schools. Our crowd funding community project tells more about our work. Our works are well recognized by individuals and organizations such as:
1. Enugu SME Center through the spa to the governor on small & medium scale enterprise Hon Anayo Agu. Whose recognition as a credible state government organization we operate with.

2. SAP, software Development Company and co-sponsors of Africacodeweek whom we collaborated with in their code-week 2016 2018.

3. Africacodeweek, organizers of code-week for children in Africa with sponsorship from Google, SAP, UNESCO.

Are you a philanthropist, NGOs, Individuals and willing to help us achieve this dream of erecting these computer labs in every rural secondary schools through our program called CS Academy, and have your name engraved in the heart of people and equally embrace our various web pages,? Feel free to join our CROWD FUNDING COMMUNITY

It’s pleasant to be in the home of afridigit!

Afridigit is an innovative ICT Hub. A digitize hub for africa

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