Basic competent skills in computing

Our Kids Should Code, Design And Navigate The Computer

(Afridigit 3Week Easter Boot-Camp Training)

Most of us are aware of what the world is now and where Africa is heading to in terms of technology. Everything is becoming digital (Computer).

I know, as a parent you want the best for your children because no parent will not be happy if the child becomes the next developer of an eminent web-based application like Facebook and the likes.

Research have proved that, in the next 5-8 years in Nigeria, if you possess no IT and ICT skills, sorry, no jobs for you.

So, this is an opportunity to take advantage of, and prepare your children for the best in future.

Afridigit is an innovative IT and ICT hub, developed to help primary, post-primary, tertiary schools and professionals in the remote areas of African countries to fast-track their scope in IT and ICT.

As an ambassador of Google, sponsors of, which we merited due to our programs with schools, we are positioned to serve you better.

There will be 3week computer training for children ranging from primary 2-6 and secondary 1-5 students.

Four local governments to get involved are:
1. Awgu L.G.A
2. Aninri L.G.A
3. Oji-River L.G.A
4. Mbanabo L.G.A

The kids will learn:
i. Identification of various software and hardware parts including mouse navigation.
ii. Elementary coding
iii. Games design with software

Unfortunate that during our last year free programs sponsored by Google where we visited many schools, none of the students was able to navigate the mouse, even the grown-up ones. I felt bad about it.

We will commence a 3week intensive training on the 3 topics above during this Easter holidays at our branch office at:
Aki N’ Ukwa junction Mgbowo, Port Hart-Court Express Way Enugu, for children of the class range mentioned above.

For your kids to participate in this program you need just to register with three thousand naira only (N3, 000).

To register call this number: 08169702377, or send email message with the statement “yes” to and we will get back to you with details of payment and when the program will commence.

The program is to go on from Monday-Saturday for good 3week.

Remember: OUR-1MONTH-PLUS-2WEEK-BOOT-CAMP COMPLETE TRAINING WILL BE COMING UP DURING LONG VACATION 3rd TERM. And participated kids now will have a discount during that period.

NOTE: an idle mind is a workshop for evil so; use this opportunity to impact positively on your children. See you that day.

Afridigit LTD
PHONE: 08169702377

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These are the course out-line for basic computer training known as BCUP (Basic Computer User Program).

Trainees must be tested on preliminary aspect of computing ranging from; identification of various computer hard ware parts, mouse navigation and identification of various parts of the mouse before further programs under the BCUP.

Basic Computer User Program(BCUP)

--- Identification of various computer hard ware parts

--- Mouse navigation

--- Windows operating system study

--- Microsoft Word document (MS word)

--- Microsoft Excels sheet

--- Microsoft Power point

--- Graphic Designs

--- Corel Draw X5

--- Sound Sequencing (Music sound production)

--- Surfing the net.

To participate and get trained in any or all of these programs, post your request through our contact page and Afridigit will get back to you in 24hrs.

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