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    How To Apply For Google Yearly Micro-Grant, Collecting N400, 000 Within 2-Weeks

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    Have you heard of GOOGLE YEARLY MICRO-GRANT?

    This is the real deal right now that fetches me and few others in this country N400, 000(FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND NAIRA) within 2weeks every year and nobody ever planned to let you know about this.
    This does not require any qualification for you to get involved no!! And it is stress free and takes place within as little as 2weeks and you are done.

    You might have engaged in other businesses both online and off-line or still in any online business now just like I do but, this is more than just a business and adds more, and more than you expected within couple of two weeks and it is for life time.

    And there is more to this if you are ready and willing to join the few winning team that is enjoying this privilege as Google are still searching for more willing Africans because, this is there channel for now yes!, Africa is their center of focus.

    And I am ready to train you from the beginning as an ambassador till you win and become a member for life and start cashing your check as team member and equally build your own team for this season and become an ambassador for life just like and few others.

    If you are not yet among the 2% people enjoying this benefit then what you need to do is to----- start right now as I am exposing this expo called “YEARLY GOOGLE MICRO-GRANT” (YGMG).

    This is highly profitable and less time consuming unlike many trial and error you have been involved in for long now. And need no money to start, just to follow the procedures I will give you.

    Do not worry, I want to open your eye to this opportunity hidden since and give you my maximum support.

    Remember, the YGMG is for you:
    ---- If you are tired of one single means of income which you even spend time working from 8AM-6PM daily.
    ---- If you are ready to change your life by connecting internationally while at home. (From zero to something yearly)
    ---- If you are unemployed, student, civil-servant, pastor, bankers, retired or you want to add to your source of income just like I do.
    ---- If you want to stop calling relatives to send you money for expenses then, you can structure this money hence it comes it will be used for a particular project because, it comes in bulk.

    --- If you want to turn around your financial status every year and be able to have money allocated for you like salary which you will not stress for. NOTE: SECRET IS, THE MONEY WILL INCREASE YEARLY.

    I will give you all info in this guide, no holding or with-holding any secret. (IN MY STATE, WE ARE ONLY TWO REPRESENTING FOR NOW, AND I JUST INCLUDED FIVE OTHER BROTHERS LAST SEASON).

    1. How to register for the YGMG and get accepted immediately because the criteria are zero almost.

    2. How to write the newsletter application and sample of my own which got me accepted.

    3. How to run the 2weeks program and scale what you used the money for, in order to become an ambassador in next season.

    4. Costly mistakes you must avoid to eliminate being band from the program.

    5. How to partner with me or other ambassador in your state and their connections in order to succeed and become an ambassador quickly.

    6. How to advertise during the program to attract other foreign aids whose aim and focus is in Africa. Just like as I did attracted eLearning Africa in this year YGMG program and I am invited to Kigali Rwanda next year free.

    All these and more will be exposed to you just for 3k (N3,000).


    NOTE: this is new and you cannot do it without the guidance of an ambassador as I am, I started it from somebody and before becoming the ambassador, but here, I want to expose everything to you without you serving me.

    And even go a long way to open up to you how you can add other guys to your program quickly and even pay them for helping you before exposing the secret to them. But if you will like to do as I did, well and good, go ahead and help them directly as I did to five guys last year.

    To check last season program from Google, click at the header “selected schools” if you are using laptop. But if you use mobile phone just tap at the right-side of the header to display the various menu.

    This guide will help you succeed quickly as a beginner or even working to add extra big money to your pay-roll in less time yearly.

    Even if you are into online or off-line business or you have bought some manuals before, you still need this Guide because it contains the latest information and there are lots of Secrets inside these EBook Guide. As an YGMG ambassador, you are a community with over 17m members worldwide and Africa is their target.

    Nigeria is still fresh, imagine!! I and one other guy is the only ambassador in my state. Whereas, they want more people, Get involved now!!

    Sorry! We soon integrate payment solution, but you can pay through online transfer or directly into the bank account.


    ACC NO: 0285682350
    BANK: GTBank PLC

    ACC NO: 0054734735

    After payment sent the following:
    1. your correct name
    2. your correct email
    3. bank paid
    4. amount paid
    5. your real address
    6. teller number
    7. name of package
    to the below email.

    For enquiry call: 07086494043 or send mail to

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