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    No doubt about it, internet alone is the only tool that has created the avenue for the poor to become rich and compete with the big-wigs in the rich world and even surpass them.

    No one can disprove or challenge that. But the problem here in this part of the world (Africa, particularly Nigeria) is that, we always forget about training ourselves in a way that we can become the money instead of chasing money.
    It was said that, “MONEY IS WHAT YOU BECOME NOT WHAT YOU CHASE” so, the issue of making money all depends on------ embracing change.

    As the case may be now, whether we like it or not, whether we want to embrace it or not. It has come to stay with us. Is either we embrace ICT and computing or it embraces us by force, and that is what is happening in Nigeria now.

    Take our school system for instance; the JAMB is done with computers and equally the UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE TEST. So, if you are not following the trend, you will be left behind and soon become obsolete. And you would not like the out-come.

    In this world now, for you to get involved and work even in the smallest firm, you must get ICT and computer training.

    Funny enough that, WAEC AND NECO BODY will start their own examination body being written with computers starting from two 2 years coming.

    So, this will help curtail the incessant examination malpractices and help make the students read their books. It is a welcomed idea by AFRIDIGIT.

    Now, below are what you stand to benefit if you embrace ICT and computing today no matter your field of specialization: -------

    1. It is a trend (ever changing)
    2. Not look obsolete
    3. Easy access to creating your own job or getting jobs
    4. Can easily attain success with no or little resources (bootstrapping)
    5. Develop technical skills that are sort-for
    6. Help you expose your carrier quickly

    --- IT IS A TREND (EVER CHANGING):-- from my little understanding, a trend is a general development or change to what people believed on so, it is continuous. Being trained in ICT or computing will keep you conversant with what is happening in such a way that you will never lack the knowledge you needed to be productive.

    --- NOT LOOK OBSOLETE: how would you feel if you are being attributed to our great ground parents both in knowledge and way of doing things. I know you disliked being regarded as someone who is left behind in the scheme of things.
    Yes! Embracing ICT and computing will make you be ahead of your peers and colleagues in life and businesses. You will be current and be prepared for any call for action because, opportunity meets preparedness.

    --- EASY ACCESS TO CREATING YOUR OWN JOBS OR GETTING JOBS: using myself here as an example will proof this explanation. Since I embraced ICT and computing, I have had opportunity to work in several places but, self-made-opportunity that ICT created for me made me lose interest in such jobs.

    You are prone to creating jobs for yourself with little or no money, even be ready to employ other job seekers within couple of years. Coming to the issue of jobs, you will be opportune to choose from varieties of jobs available because, opportunities are still abound in this field.

    --- CAN EASILY ATTAIN SUCCESS WITH LITTLE OR NO RESOURCES (BOOTSTRAPPING): boot-strapping is one characteristic of ICT and computing. This is one field of study that will enable you attain success by boot-strapping. I.e. with little or no money at hand,
    I did it and anyone else can do likewise, technology in ICT and computing has made it possible that, you can attain un-imaginable success with little or no money.

    --- DEVELOP TECHNICAL SKILLS THAT ARE SORT-FOR: if you are out there to open up a merchandise store to sell articles, definitely you are chasing money for daily purposes.
    But, as a skilled person, you are already the money we are talking about and only the last day of death could determine losing that skill because, nobody can take that away from you rather; it can only be sort-for in exchange for money.
    So, ICT and computing are the highest and most-sort-for area to gain enormous skills develop them and become highly relevant and sort-for.

    --- HELP YOU EXPOSE YOUR CARRIER QUICKLY: many of us are very talented but lack the avenue to show-case what we are made of. Take for instance, some of us who are gifted with writing, a whole lot of good authors are hidden because they find it difficult to publish their work and be able to make it relevant for the populace.

    But with the help of ICT and computing you can be able to publish whatever work you have with little or no money and make millions as well.

    As a writer, it takes you nothing to convert your hard-copy book to eBook (electronic book) and still sell that one copy to millions of people without spending money printing your book in many copies.

    Once made in a copy, you can sell that one copy to millions of people and still retain the original copy. That is the benefit of technology in ICT and computing.

    Thank you and remain blessed!

    Kingsley Anyi

    Date_Posted:---2018-04-22 18:10:04

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