(African children in afridigit ICT Lab)

That is why it is a fortunate task because, they are all what will help us achieve success in making sure we catch them young in the area of computing and ICT in Africa.

One of our major goal is to make sure that afridigit is erected as an ICT center in all the primary schools in local areas across Africa starting from Southern parts of Nigeria.

We want to erect a three room hall in every primary school in local areas of Southern parts of Nigeria starting with one, and equip them with ICT gadgets, recruit ICT trainers in order to help catch them young in Africa.

By so doing, we must have started from somewhere and this will help us hunt for INNOVATIVE IDEAS among these pupils and help them develop their ideas. So good this may sound, but Afridigit cannot achieve these alone, we needed your help to make this vision come to actualization.

That is why we need sponsors in form of donors who saw meaning into what we are about to achieve. If you really have the future of African children at heart, you can go ahead and donate to sponsor any of these tasks below:

--- Building Afridigit ICT centers in local primary schools across Southern parts of Nigeria gradually.

---- Providing computers and other ICT devices for these pupils.

--- Desks for learning in the ICT rooms.

--- Recruiting computer and ICT literate teachers for the pupils.

--- Help renovate schools for primary schools before erecting Afridigit Center. (Most primary schools in this part of the world are worse than squalor).

--- Sponsoring innovative ideas from pupils that are web-related.

If it touches your soul to be involved in this project of catching them young in ICT and computing, go ahead and donate immediately you finished reading our terms of donation, donate anything that comes from your mind.

You can declare your sponsorship with us, and we go a long way to inscribe the name of your organization on our web platform and in our ICT center archives which we keep for our sponsors. This I think is a special privilege for special organizations or individuals.

To donate, contact afridigit through:
Email: afridigit1@gmail.com,
Phone: +234-81697-023-77

The process of donation and bank to do that will be given to you.

After which we will invite you or your organization to come and examine our projects, where the money you donate is channeled into.

Thank you all and remain blessed!

Iheanyichukwu Ohagwu: C.E.O, Afridigit


Date_Posted:---2017-08-16 13:01:54