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    Companies and small scale businesses have to imbibe such culture of living a web lifestyle now.

    There is one mind bugling issues with us humans, we tend to overestimate the change that will happen in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten years.

    Please, do not let yourself to be lulled into inaction.

    One possible and frustrating scenario is that you will scramble or do all possible best to build internet web sites, and then you will not witness an appreciable portion of your customers or fans using them right now.

    This situation brings such misconception that, the internet is not going to change our business after all, but, let us not focus on it. Because it would not happen overnight, then, a few years later, all of a sudden the change will happen to surprise you and you will find it hard to catch up in managing such venture.

    For now, it is hard to think of a business venture that does not have internet opportunity in which internet revolution is having effect on. Now, a lot of companies wish they were the first internet bookstore or travel agent or blogger, capturing the early customers, making use of the word of mouth that the internet has with it and equally the name recognition.

    Businesses out there early on the net are not just getting ahead on the learning curve. They are everyday rushing to redefine business strategies and boundaries.

    Look at who identify itself as an internet book vendor, is now selling CDs also. This is to show that there is every reason for Amazon to sell other merchant inventories.

    May be your initial plan is how to get to the internet and obtain cost savings and attract customers. Once the customers are out there interacting fully with you, you have the incredible opportunity to build on that relationship in order to build a broader set of products.

    One good thing about internet business is that, is not like a branch Bank where you can train employees on only a small number of products. The virtual nature of the internet made it possible for whatever shopping your customer wants to do.

    My warning to every business minded individual is that even if no one in your business industry jumps in early, the big online players, trying to fill every commerce niche, will quickly move into yours. So, you have to learn about the internet we are today.

    Make sure to locate a microcosm of your customers who are already adopting the web lifestyle. Use this group to develop models for how you might start your own business in entirety.

    Within few years most of the other business minded people would have also made the shift, and you will be prepared not lacking in starting up earlier. For your information, companies are taking these approaches to prepare themselves for how the internet is changing everything.

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    Thanks and remain blessed!
    Posted By: Kingsley Anyi
    Afridigit Magazine (e-Zine)

    Date:--2018-07-13 07:47:08

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