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Africacodeweek Free Digital Training (Afridigit)

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Do You Have Innovative Ideas That Can Be Created By Use Of ICT?
Feel Free To Register With Us In The Form At The Front Page.

Or Do You Care To Get ICT/Online Skills?
Hit The Contact Button At The Header And Post Your Request.

Our Motto: "The Earlier The Better"

Phone: +234 8169702377.
eMail: afridigit1@gmail.com

Digitized School Of ICT For Africa.

Time:07:56:42pm---Today is 2017/11/22
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Programme To Study

About Our Programme

People Requested Services

Name:---Anthony Nwede
Service:---Learning Professional Programming
Date:--2017-08-28 12:50:34


Name:---Elizabeth Okwu
Service:---Want to learn blogging.
Date:--2017-08-19 06:01:40


Name:---Nweze Emmanuel
Service:---Learning Professional Programming
Date:--2017-08-10 19:19:07


Name:---Okorie Emmanuel
Service:---Learning Programming
Date:--2017-07-25 05:30:36


Name:---Akaniro Kingsley Uche
Service:---Web design
Date:--2017-05-22 11:07:52


Name:---Ola Isaac
Service:---Blog Content writing
Date:--2017-02-22 02:19:54


Name:---Raji Olawale
Date:--2017-02-13 22:55:05


Basic Computing:

-Graphic design
-Coral draw12
-Surfing the internet


-HTML5 (hyper-text-mark-up language)
-CSS3 (cascading style sheet)
-PHP (hyper-text pre-processor)
-MYSQLI (sequencial query language)
-RDBMS (relational database management system)

Online Businesses:

-Blogging (secret of online money making for everybody)
-Content And Information Marketing
-Affiliate Programme
-M to M internet Businesses
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Afridigit is an innovative ICT Hub in web-app platform also, developed to help primary and post-primary schools in remote areas of African countries to fast-track their scope in ICT developmental strategy. Technology is a trend and lack of information lag us behind. Our motto: “the earlier the better”

It is a non-profit ICT Hub in web-app platform also, meant to facilitate and help drop the old mentality of not embracing ICT earlier, and the opportunity accrued to using online platforms in creating avenues for success by children in Africa.

We have two ways to disseminate these ICT knowledge and they are:
1. Online programs through blogs.
2. Physical Training via our Hub locations.

And our program varies as such:
… Graphic Designs
… MS word/Excel
… Coral draw
…Surfing the net

2. Professional Training (PROGRAMMING):
… HTML5 (hyper-text-mark-up language)
… CSS3 (cascading style sheet)
… PHP (hyper-text pre-processor, server side programming language)
… MYSQLI (sequential query language)
… RDBMS (relational database management system)

… Blogging (secret of online money making for everybody)
… Content and information marketing
… Affiliate programs
… M to M internet businesses


one of our best means of getting these pupils trained by us, no crowded environment, just one scholar and a particular trainer. To enjoy such training in any of the programs above, the sponsor of the trainee should hit the contact button on the header to post his/her request. The only responsibility of the person being trained is to provide an environment for the trainer and a transportation fee both coming and going back. No training fees charged.
The trainee must be a primary or post-primary pupil. This covers the Southern parts of Nigeria for now.

This is a summer training we do have once in every year. Basically at the 6th month of every year during holiday period, It comprises of: primary and post-primary schools from primary four to six, secondary from JSS one to SSS three and tertiary students (which is optional). The training is free for complete one month not minding the type of ICT training you want to acquire. Afridigit do sponsor the whole processes involved in the training both; fee for the venue, computers and training devices, trainers, snacks made available in the mid-afternoon for the pupils etc. This covers the Southern parts of Nigeria for now.

To participate in this boot-camp seasonal program, hit the contact button and post your request with a tag “boot-camp program” then write the program you want to train on. This will enable us group you and be able to give you information on when it will start on time. Do not forget that we always alert the schools involved before the summer holidays sets in. so, if your school never experience our presence you can remind us about your school by posting a request and help organize the pupils so we could come and enlighten them.

Fortunately, afridigit is faced with many issues that needed the help of organizations and individuals to achieve. That is why it is a fortunate task because, they are all what will help us achieve success in making sure we catch them young in the area of computing and ICT in Africa.

One of our major goal is to make sure that afridigit is erected as an ICT center in all the primary schools in local areas across Africa starting from Southern part of Nigeria. We want to erect a three room hall in every primary school in local areas of Southern parts of Nigeria to start with, and equip them with ICT gadgets, recruit ICT trainers in order to help catch them young in Africa.
By so doing, we must have started from somewhere and this will help us hunt for INNOVATIVE IDEAS among these pupils and help them develop their ideas. So good this may sound, but Afridigit cannot achieve these alone, we needed your help to make this vision come to actualization.

That is why we need sponsors in form of donors who saw meaning into what we are about to achieve. If you really have the future of African children at heart, you can go ahead and donate to sponsor any of these tasks below:

--- Building Afridigit ICT centers in local primary schools across Southern parts of Nigeria.

---- Providing computers and other ICT devices for these pupils.

--- Desks for learning in the ICT rooms.

--- Recruiting computer and ICT literate teachers for the pupils.

--- Help renovate schools for primary schools before erecting Afridigit Center. (Most primary schools in this part of the world are worse than squalor).

--- Sponsoring innovative ideas from pupils that are web-related.

If it touches your soul to be involved in this project of catching them young in ICT and computing, go ahead and hit the donate button at the header, read our terms of donation and donate anything that comes from your mind. You can declare your sponsorship with us, and we go a long way to inscribe the name of your organization on our web platform and in our ICT center archives which we keep for our sponsors. This I think is a special privilege for special organizations or individuals.

Our special program called; INNOVATIVE IDEAS is what we use to encourage young Africans who have great ideas that can be achieved by the use of web-app related technology. Hence you have this great idea of yours, feel free to register with us in the form above and give a little description about your idea. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Your innovative idea have to pass through 3 stages before graduating as an executed idea which Afridigit and group will go ahead with the sponsors of innovative ideas and work-it out with you to finally sponsor the project. The stages are:

a. Incubation stage (the early stage you submitted your innovative ideas).

b. Second stage (when your innovative ideas might have passed our incubation test).

c. Execution stage (finally Afridigit and sponsors of innovative ideas will work together with you, to achieve a common goal)

NOTE: Please! Hit the button “selected schools” at the header to check if your school is selected for any of the projects above in this season. The state, local government and community we will be starting with will be specified there.
Thank you and remain blessed!

Iheanyichukwu Ohagwu; C.E.O Afridigit.

Date_Posted:---2017-09-12 14:36:19