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    Do you know that any business, carrier, company, schools, church activities etc. that is not experiencing online presence for now, is more than being dead?

    Ask me why, if you ask me again I will be bold enough to tell you that, technology-driven projects do better than mortar and bricks ones reasons: ----
    1. Millions of people are bound to see your work (this is undisputable)

    2. Distanced clients will contract you unlike when you have a shop at a road-side and only passers-by have to experience what you do. And how many passers-by do you experience daily? You know the answer more than I do.

    3. Customers and clients take you more professional and serious when you are online.

    4. Your work-load and paper clustering will be reduced

    5. You make more money than before

    6. You can work basically from home and even make a whole lot of money just like I do

    7. Cost of inventories will be reduced

    8. You may close your bricks and mortar location going completely online which will eliminate apartment fees, electricity fees, etc. this is what wise people do.

    In fact, I cannot go on and on because, the benefit accrued to it is much. I know that most of us have the knowledge of what I am talking about, but this is to touch-light it for those of us who do not have the knowledge.

    For those of us who are aware of this, may be, so many things have been a hindrance to you like:
    --- cost of having your own web-app
    --- Ability to locate who will guide you
    --- Not being able to see a good programmer or designer
    --- having a technophobia problem etc.

    For those of us who are not aware of the benefit of being online, the same thing will pose a problem which I know. But, you should not worry about that because; Afridigit is here to help you out almost free.

    Right now, we are offering a critically-slashed-down bonanza for all our products and services. And it is time for our community of subscribers to benefit immensely from this process.

    Our none-subscribers are also included but, the price will not be the same. That is just the plain truth.

    Right now, we are targeting individuals, small and medium scale businesses, carrier person, companies, schools, churches. We want to raise web-apps for them that is completely database-driven; mobile responsive and flexible just like the Afridigit you see.

    This is to help them actualize that their dreams in a cheaper rate, so that we would not be easily erased in their memories.

    As you know, most of the developers will not collect anything less than FIFTY TO THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND NAIRA to raise a web-app for you depending on the nature of the app.

    But this will not be the case with us now. In case you want to make use of this opportunity as it is happening now, look at what we are out here with:----

    1. We are going to be developing database-driven mobile responsive and flexible web apps for our subscribers who declare their interest at the cheapest rate of TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND NAIRA (N25, 000.00) only. Professional web app per say. Visit one of my blogs at: where I treat “HABITUAL AND MORAL LIFESTYLES” and you will testify.
    This blog carries over NINETEEN THOUSAND VISITORS PER DAY and a whole lot of community members who wants to change their lives for success. You can subscribe if you wish.

    2. And this fee covers, hosting, domain purchase, workmanship. Then, you could imagine what is left for Afridigit to pocket. This is not craziness; this is a special benefit for our community of subscribers, just our way of giving out.
    Then, one would ask, what of none-subscribers? As you know, life have no duplicate, and you cannot eat your cake and have it again. But is this case now with Afridigit, we are giving you a second life with a second cake with a time range as a none-subscriber.

    You have between now till 31st of January 2018 to subscribe and declare your interest if you need this service and you will stand a chance of benefiting with the same price with our community of subscribers.

    After which if you need this service, you will pay between FIFTY TO THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND NAIRA depending on the nature of the web-app.

    Are you a blogger, business owner, authors, script writer, church owner etc., this opportunity is for you and you stand to benefit thus:

    1. Afridigit will design and develop a professional mobile responsive, database-driven and flexible web app for you

    2. Maintain the web app for you for complete 12months without maintenance fee

    3. Host and buy the domain name for you from the cheap rate you paid

    4. Include blog section on your web-app for you to talk about what you do (this is the most trending thing now online).

    5. Teach you for free how to advertise your app

    6. Teach you for free how to get ranked on-top in Google SEO and other SEOs

    7. Teach you for free how to grow your email subscribers which is where the money is hiding

    8. Create an inbound and out bound link from my own heavy traffic web site to yours, enabling you tap from my traffic. This is unlikely with any other developer companies.

    NOTE: this bonanza will close on 15th February 2018 for every body in which if you need this service it will be at normal price.

    R.S: hence you requested, Afridigit will give you the privilege to pay two times, first installment deposit of N15, 000.00 then, finish-up after developing your app.

    Your app will only take two weeks from us to go live online.

    Thank you for reading my article and I wish you happy good landing.

    Date_Posted:---2018-01-18 10:21:13