Make N180, 000.00 Monthly As Info Marketer, Sell With Content And Website Developed For You Free.

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    I know you might have heard about INFORMATION AND CONTENT MARKETING?

    Well, if you have not heard about that or you did have known about that but never started. This is the number one online business in the list of online businesses, no doubt about that, and if you doubt you can make enquiry.

    It is the real deal that fetches me and a whole lot of other info marketers in Nigeria N180, 000.00 monthly or more and most info marketers make it hard for the willing ones to start.

    It does not require any higher qualification or physical shop, and you undergo the stress of creating the information products once and can sell the package a million times still retaining the same package. “Create it once and sell a million times”

    You have been looking for businesses to start either online or off-line and since then never started any due to false information or financial constraints. Here is the only online business that started me from nothing to something and adds more than you could expect within couple of weeks. You can set it up today and start making money immediately.

    Not only that, there are more to this hence you are willing to join the few of us who are tapping from this number 1 online business in the world now because, the market-place is so enormous that, more people and more packages that meet people needs are available for any wise person who wants to participate. Yes! This is my channel of making money and no doubt about that brothers and sisters.

    This is risk free, unlike CRYPTO CURRENCY AND BIT COIN which are prone with risk and heart throbbing if you are just a starter. If you cannot afford to lose your money, better be careful and wise.

    I am ready to train you from the beginning as a professional info marketer for over a decade now, until you start making money on your own. And equally build your own email subscribers who will be loyal community members of you whom you can sell and re-sell your info products any time you like. (That is where the money is, EMAIL LIST BUILDING, let me repeat myself again “THAT IS WHERE THE MONEY IS”)

    You are not yet among the only 10% people enjoying this benefit right now, I am sorry about that, but what you have to do is------- tap into this opportunity I am presenting now which is going to help you with those difficult things that made it impossible for you to start for free.

    This is prominently profitable and will give you opportunity to be your own boss and have time for other activities. Unlike many trial and errors you did involve yourself in before, info marketing guarantees immediate success and less capital to start and a means to show-case your carrier easily.

    I want to assure you that you should not worry, I will expose and open your eye on this business which most marketers made impossible for you to start and set it up for you free and finally give you my maximum support.

    --- if you are tired of answering sir for only a small chunk of salary which you even work yourself to tiredness starting from 8-6pm daily.

    --- If you are ready to change your life from zero to something within short period of time.

    --- may be you are unemployed, student, civil-servant, pastor, bankers, retired or want to add to your source of income just like I do, this is for you.

    --- If you want to turn around your financial status and add more to your yearly income, which will increase as your info packages increases. This is for you.

    --- may be you are now ashamed of calling those relatives because you do not need their insults again any time you begged them to send you money for expenses then, you can structure and be saving this money as it comes it will be used for a particular project.

    I am determined to give you every detail about this business in this (3-DAY email course) that I will have with you, no holding or with-holding any helpful information from you.


    1. How to grow your email list (that is where the money is).

    2. How to write newsletter that convert prospects to customers immediately.

    3. The two major websites (SQUEEZE AND SALES PAGES) that cost you not less than N50, 000.00 will be developed for you free by me as a subscriber of this 3DAY EMAIL COURSE.

    4. I will write the sales page that will convert any landing customer to potential buyer for you free.

    5. Write an enticing squeeze page header and sub-header description for you free.

    6. Best free auto-responder will be exposed to you also.

    7. Potential traffic source that I use will be exposed to you free.

    8. Free and paid advertising platform will be exposed too.

    9. I will develop email messenger free for you which I make use of, if you do not have money to pay for auto-responders.

    10. You will have the opportunity to affiliate and sell some of my INFO PACKAGES cashing the money 50/50 with me.

    All of these and more will be exposed to you for only 1k (N1, 000.00) registration of the 3DAY email course. In fact, this is almost free because, it does not worth it.

    But wait a minute; this opportunity is for only my subscribers in Afridigit.

    And if you want to make use of this opportunity as none-subscribers, I am giving you almost similar flat-rate as a bonanza. You register FOR THE 3DAY email course with 1.3k (N1, 300.00).

    NOTE: this opportunity is only exposed to 50 people and will close on 1st February 2018 and the 3DAY EMAIL COURSE will start on 2nd so, the earlier the better

    After the required 50 people have registered or the date expires, you will pay N5, 000.00 if you want to participate in this course.

    To participate register through this link: and remember to write “CONTENT AND INFO MARKETING” on the form field you are required to fill “product or services required”.

    Please, pay through this link below.

    ACC NAME: Ohagwu Kingsley Ifeanyi
    ACC NO: 0054734735
    BANK: access bank plc.

    Then, after payment send the following:
    1. Your correct name
    2. Correct email
    3. Amount paid
    4. Bank paid
    5. State of origin
    6. Teller number


    This 3DAY EMAIL COURSE will help you succeed quickly as a beginner or even working to add extra big money to your pay-roll in less time monthly.

    Even if you are into online or off-line business or you have participated in some online course before, you still need this 3DAY EMAIL COURSE because, it contains the latest information and there are lots of Secrets that will be exposed during the period of the lecture.

    As a CONTENT AND INFO MARKETER, you will make fortune and become financially free just like many Nigerians saw their success through this means.

    Nigeria is still fresh, imagine!! Our population keeps increasing every day and so are the people and their problems increasing which needed immediate attention.

    People want immediate solution to their problems and hence you can do that, your bank account will swell while you are sleeping every day.


    Thank you and remain blessed,
    For enquiry call: 08169702377 or send mail to

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    Do you know that any business, carrier, company, schools, church activities etc. that is not experiencing online presence for now, is more than being dead?

    Ask me why, if you ask me again I will be bold enough to tell you that, technology-driven projects do better than mortar and bricks ones reasons: ----
    1. Millions of people are bound to see your work (this is undisputable)

    2. Distanced clients will contract you unlike when you have a shop at a road-side and only passers-by have to experience what you do. And how many passers-by do you experience daily? You know the answer more than I do.

    3. Customers and clients take you more professional and serious when you are online.

    4. Your work-load and paper clustering will be reduced

    5. You make more money than before

    6. You can work basically from home and even make a whole lot of money just like I do

    7. Cost of inventories will be reduced

    8. You may close your bricks and mortar location going completely online which will eliminate apartment fees, electricity fees, etc. this is what wise people do.

    In fact, I cannot go on and on because, the benefit accrued to it is much. I know that most of us have the knowledge of what I am talking about, but this is to touch-light it for those of us who do not have the knowledge.

    For those of us who are aware of this, may be, so many things have been a hindrance to you like:
    --- cost of having your own web-app
    --- Ability to locate who will guide you
    --- Not being able to see a good programmer or designer
    --- having a technophobia problem etc.

    For those of us who are not aware of the benefit of being online, the same thing will pose a problem which I know. But, you should not worry about that because; Afridigit is here to help you out almost free.

    Right now, we are offering a critically-slashed-down bonanza for all our products and services. And it is time for our community of subscribers to benefit immensely from this process.

    Our none-subscribers are also included but, the price will not be the same. That is just the plain truth.

    Right now, we are targeting individuals, small and medium scale businesses, carrier person, companies, schools, churches. We want to raise web-apps for them that is completely database-driven; mobile responsive and flexible just like the Afridigit you see.

    This is to help them actualize that their dreams in a cheaper rate, so that we would not be easily erased in their memories.

    As you know, most of the developers will not collect anything less than FIFTY TO THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND NAIRA to raise a web-app for you depending on the nature of the app.

    But this will not be the case with us now. In case you want to make use of this opportunity as it is happening now, look at what we are out here with:----

    1. We are going to be developing database-driven mobile responsive and flexible web apps for our subscribers who declare their interest at the cheapest rate of TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND NAIRA (N25, 000.00) only. Professional web app per say. Visit one of my blogs at: where I treat “HABITUAL AND MORAL LIFESTYLES” and you will testify.
    This blog carries over NINETEEN THOUSAND VISITORS PER DAY and a whole lot of community members who wants to change their lives for success. You can subscribe if you wish.

    2. And this fee covers, hosting, domain purchase, workmanship. Then, you could imagine what is left for Afridigit to pocket. This is not craziness; this is a special benefit for our community of subscribers, just our way of giving out.
    Then, one would ask, what of none-subscribers? As you know, life have no duplicate, and you cannot eat your cake and have it again. But is this case now with Afridigit, we are giving you a second life with a second cake with a time range as a none-subscriber.

    You have between now till 31st of January 2018 to subscribe and declare your interest if you need this service and you will stand a chance of benefiting with the same price with our community of subscribers.

    After which if you need this service, you will pay between FIFTY TO THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND NAIRA depending on the nature of the web-app.

    Are you a blogger, business owner, authors, script writer, church owner etc., this opportunity is for you and you stand to benefit thus:

    1. Afridigit will design and develop a professional mobile responsive, database-driven and flexible web app for you

    2. Maintain the web app for you for complete 12months without maintenance fee

    3. Host and buy the domain name for you from the cheap rate you paid

    4. Include blog section on your web-app for you to talk about what you do (this is the most trending thing now online).

    5. Teach you for free how to advertise your app

    6. Teach you for free how to get ranked on-top in Google SEO and other SEOs

    7. Teach you for free how to grow your email subscribers which is where the money is hiding

    8. Create an inbound and out bound link from my own heavy traffic web site to yours, enabling you tap from my traffic. This is unlikely with any other developer companies.

    NOTE: this bonanza will close on 15th February 2018 for every body in which if you need this service it will be at normal price.

    R.S: hence you requested, Afridigit will give you the privilege to pay two times, first installment deposit of N15, 000.00 then, finish-up after developing your app.

    Your app will only take two weeks from us to go live online.

    Thank you for reading my article and I wish you happy good landing.

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