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    SLVIP (SUMMER Long Vacation IT Program)

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    Anyway, our SUMMER LONG-VACATION IT PROGRAM (SLVIP) is on and registration is ongoing now, there will be complete 1month and 1week thorough IT training both professional and basic computing.
    FOR BASICS: -- areas to be covered are:
    1. Windows operating systems
    2. Basic computer user, identification of various computer ware both hard and soft and their functions and applications.
    3. CorelDraw X5
    4. MS-Word
    5. Excels MS-word
    6. Power point MS-word
    7. Graphics (With tools like Adobe Photoshop)
    8. Sound Production (Sound engineers)
    FOR PROFESSIONALS: -- areas to be covered are:
    1. Use of adobe Dreamweaver
    2. XHTML (Scripting language, Extensible Hyper-text Mark-Up Language)
    3. CSS3 (Cascading style sheet)
    4. PHP (server side scripting program, Hypertext Pre-Processor)
    5. MySQL (structured query language)
    6. RDBMS (relational database management system)
    7. Blogging (secret of online money making)
    8. Online Affiliate Program
    9. M to M internet businesses
    10. Responsive Web-Site Development
    11. Content & Information Marketing (List building = where the money are; the power of your bank account is determined by the number of your list etc.)

    Enugu State, to participate in any of the training above call: 07086494043 or send email to;
    This is a bonanza coming up as a result of our recent award as an Ambassador to so; all prizes for programs are slashed at half-rate.
    BASICS FOR COMPLETE 1MONTH = (N5, 000.00) per participant no more N18, 000.00
     Complete Web Programming from Basics to server-side = N25, 000.00 no more N60, 000.00 and you can pay two times.
     Blogging (secret of online money-making) = N15,000.00
     Online Affiliate program = N15, 000.00
     Responsive Web-Site Development = N25, 000.00
     Content & Information Marketing = N18, 000.00

    No time is late, this long vacation holiday is a big opportunity for you to follow the trend and improve your skills once more. For our parents, I need no much emphasis for we know that, an idle mind is a devil workshop so, the highest good thing you can do to that child now is to get him or her busy this long vacation. Get the kids registered and you will smile at their performance every day they get to come home.

    I always feel satisfied when I see Afridigit trained kids challenge other kids digitally, and I have witnessed it happen many times and my satisfactions always come from such performances. So, this is an opportunity steering you at the face, it is your choice now.

    I wish you happy long vacation, till then, see you!!

    Kingsley Anyi
    FOUNDER: Afridigit.
    Phone: 07086494043

    Date_Posted:---2018-07-30 03:47:05

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